Our UBB Ambassadors play a vital part in spreading the word on upcoming events and helping our movement grow


Sell Tickets

Sell up to 20 Tickets per United By Bass event

Earn Money

Earn 10% Commission for every Ticket sold.

Have Fun

Earn Rewards, Enjoy events and be a part of the UBB community


We recognize the love you have for our events. We see your amazing social media posts every day, and we want to thank you for all of your love and support.

Our UBB Ambassadors play a vital part in spreading the word on upcoming events and helping our movement grow. Sign up as an Ambassador for the events you want to attend and we will send you an allocated amount of tickets with no up-front commitment. Tell your friends and your friends’ friends about the event, and earn money every time one of them purchases a hard ticket from you or online via your private tracking link.

Join the United By Bass movement and become a member of our ever-growing family today.

How It Works

Ambassadors will receive up to twenty tickets per event. Regardless of the amount of tickets sold, you will receive 10% commission for every ticket sold. After an ambassador has sold ten tickets, they will receive one free admission on top of their commission. If an Ambassador sells all twenty tickets, they will receive two free admissions on top of their commission (one of the two tickets has to be used by the ambassador for entrance). No ticket at any point is allowed to be sold for more than the advertised ticket price.

Ambassadors will receive:

1) Personalized Tracking link (PTL) for each UBB event. When a ticket is purchased using a PTL, credit will be given to that Ambassador associated with that PTL.

2) Up to 20 hard paper tickets (When requested by Ambassador).

What Our Ambassadors Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our Ambassadors do the talking!

“Not only does United By Bass throw amazing events but they make it incredibly easy to sell tickets. They provide all the tools you need to succeed and it’s great being a part of a team that cares about its members.”

Collin Vaz

“I Love working with United By Bass!!
Other event production companies and Festivals make it so hard to hit your goal while UBB makes sure to pay 10% commission for every Ticket sold. They’re setting the standard for how an Ambassador Program should be run.”

Maggie Rodriguez

“I have worked with/for a few different Production companies and United By Bass is by far the most professional out of them all. They’re extremely timely with my Commission payouts and their events are second to none in San Diego.”

Aaron P.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I start making commission?

You will receive 10% of the proceeds from every ticket sold. There is no minimum. If you only sell one ticket, you will still receive 10% commission for that ticket sold.

If I don't sell the hard tickets I'm given, do I owe money?

No, all unsold hard tickets must be returned to the Ambassador manager before the end of that said event. If all unsold tickets are not returned, Ambassador will be responsible for unpaid balance.

What is the maximum amount of tickets allocated per event?

Each Ambassador will be allocated 10 tickets per event to start, another 10 will be available once the first batch is sold.

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