1) Build it up- Chiqito

First off, this track has a raw bassline and booming kick with a tambourine adding to the groove and pushing the tune into full dance mode funk.  It is a perfect underground tech house taste in my opinion.  The hip hop vocal sample is very well placed and hypes the song way up.  I like how the track is very original house gangster and stays away from sounding like some of the other beloved “g-house” records I listen to.  The part of the song that really seals the deal for me is the winding and shredding sample that comes in at the second drop. It really sets things off.

2) 4am (Adam K & Soha remix)- Kaskade

Music takes me to different places and allows me to feel unique emotions and moods.  So this song hits me right in the feels.  I grew up listening to it when I first started raving.  The record is very nostalgic and brings me fond memories of nights into mornings in LA and San Bernardino.  It’s beautiful, atmospheric and mellow.  I get a very sorrowful, yet uplifting and hopeful feeling from this song. Truly a vibe unlike any other.

3) Fusion Funk- Chris Stussy

This is my hat tip to classic house music.  This song has the right balance of what I like in a track with old school sounds.  I had never really listened to this more loungey style of music until I saw Mark Farina play for the first time (a four hour set at Sound Nightclub in LA).  I thought it would be too mellow for my attention span, but that night I got funkier on the dance floor with my friends than I ever had before.  I also think there is something to be said about how this music allows the crowd to interact and socialize more.  To me it doesn’t say, “Hey, look at me”, but “Hey, look at your friends.”

4) After Dark (is when we move)- Riva Starr & Gene Farris

This song made the list because it embodies another reason I like electronic music, aside from dancing.  It’s the element of surprise.  I love when the groove is going strong and you think you know what’s coming next but, the drop shocks you into a bit of awe.  Your brain tries to process what it’s hearing for a small instant before you can dance again.  I liked Gene Farris and knew a few of his tracks when I caught him live at Westcoast Weekender 2016 in San Diego, California.  However, I did not recognize this track.  It made me lose my marbles when it dropped in very low with no high-frequency elements of the song.  I thought he filtered it live himself and was happy to find out it was produced that way.

5) Psyche (Mark Reeve Remix)- Wehbba

I have played this track in a few of my recent sets.  I have always had a curiosity about how dark music (and life) can get and this song has that dark psychedelic sound.  I remember first listening to Infected Mushroom in 6th grade and falling in love with how scary it sounded.  I hope to make that impression on people myself.
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